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Perennial philosophy may not be as popular as the other branch of philosophy that is more progressive, although its presence has been started in the 1500s, or even the same since scientific philosophy introduced by ancient philosophers in the Western world. Much earlier, the Hindu tradition in India has Incandesce similar virtues. The problem is, these perennial values are still hidden in the big narratives valve in the social sciences, especially post-modern. The research is just trying to recall that the pluralism and variety of contestation contained in it, still living the eternal values of immortality of all religions. Perennialisme like this would be an option in the future if there is a willingness and ability to live together in diversity. Furthermore, willing to do the inner encounter with religious others, without falling to the generic view that religions are the same, and dare to give appreciation and be fair to all religions. This research also aims to ignite the intellect at the same spirituality that perennialisme widely opens the spaces and the dialectic interaction, even meta-dialogue that results are sometimes not found. With this as context analysis, this research encourages to be discovered and developed in the perennial values of Hinduism not only to fulfill the needs of maintaining inter-religious life, but in Hindu fellowship itself. 

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Perennial Philosophy, Perennialism, Transcendental Unity, Inter-Religious Life

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